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Hypnosis - Movies and Misconceptions

Recently I went to see the film "Get Out" A frightening film that uses hypnosis as a weapon against the protagonist; disabling him, leaving him powerless to the manipulation of his mind. A terrifying concept! Filmmakers through the years seem to have an avid fascination with hypnosis. It's used to perpetuate all kinds of underhand and scary deeds, from bank robbing to seduction to mind control and manipulation. How hypnosis is represented in film spreads all kinds of myths and misconceptions; it certainly did to the audience watching "Get Out". I don't think any of them will be paying a visit to a hypnotherapist anytime soon, which is a shame. Hypnosis can be a powerful tool for change, liberating clients from all kinds of limiting behaviour which has held them back over the years. So Lets debunk some of the myths and misconceptions that moviemakers like to use to scare us: Look into my eyes..... you are feeling sleepy....... you will do exactly what I say..... Do you associate some of these phrases with hypnosis? They are insidiously misleading. The old "look into my eyes" phrase went out with the ark. Whilst eye inductions are often used to induce hypnosis there is nothing scary or threatening about them. It's just a little technique used to focus a person's attention in preparation for the session. There is nothing hypnotic about looking into a hypnotists eye. You are feeling sleepy.... again a phrase from the ark. The modern practice of hypnosis uses relaxation to relax the physical body and the conscious, critical mind. Whilst "under" you are not asleep, you might be deeply relaxed but you will be aware of everything the hypnotist says. If you fall asleep during hypnosis then contrary to popular belief the hypnotist will not be able to access the deepest recesses of your mind to manipulate your thoughts. You are simply asleep nothing more, nothing less, you are just catching up on some missing zzz's. You will do exactly what I say.... This has to be the phrase that brings the most amount of terror into people's minds. It's very misleading, when under hypnosis you can't be made to do anything that you wouldn't normally do. Infact if an inapproriate suggestion is made you fall out of hypnosis. This article by John Ryder gives a little more colour to the concept: Click Here. Hypnosis can be a wonderful tool for change. It is effective in changing negative thoughts, patterns and behaviours and is great for setting you on your path for change. Don't let what you see in the movies scare you!

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