What I do

I use hypnotherapy to help my clients make positive changes in their lives from losing weight, managing anxiety, gaining confidence, beating life long phobias and quitting smoking amongst many other things.

If you are struggling with something and are thinking about Hypnotherapy I can help.

Hypnotherapy uses the power of relaxation and suggestion to reprogram the unconscious mind. By changing  thinking and behaviour patterns you change how you feel. It isn't anything like the stage or tv shows you might have seen. You are aware of everything, and can bring yourself out of hypnosis at anytime. Whilst I am  your guide, you always remain in control.

I thrive on helping my clients get the results they want and am committed to providing  the best possible level of service and care. To see if hypnotherapy is for you I offer a free no obligation 20 minute telephone consultation, you can ask me any questions and see if my approach is right for you.

"I feel totally at ease with the world after my session with Louisa. It's being liked wrapped in a warm blanket"

Alison - London 


Contact Me

For any questions you have, you can reach me here:

Louisa Meyer

Call: 07770 649 406

E-mail louisa@louisameyer.com

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