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A tip to help stop smoking

There are many reasons why you first start smoking. A couple of the most common are wanting to fit with the crowd, wanting to be more grown up or just copying someone else. Whatever the reason, when you first begin you cannot envision how that first puff on that fag can become such a compulsive, expensive habit, ruling your daily life.

Making that decision to quit is the best gift you can give yourself. How to do it? Well some people just go cold turkey by combining the power of their imagination and will creating an unbreachable path to non smoker, some gradually cut down the amount of cigarettes they smoke a day, others use a nicotine replacement, whilst some decide to vape. Lots make an empty promise to themselves that they will quit tomorrow but as we all know tomorrow never comes.

So how can you give yourself the best possible start when quitting smoking? It's all in the preparation and one way is to become fully aware of your habit and a little tip is to drink a glass of water everytime you smoke. Often smoking and coffee drinking go hand in hand (coffee masks the fowl taste of the fag from what’s left of your taste buds) by making a conscious decision to drink water every time you smoke you:

1. Allow yourself to really taste the nicotine and other substances being smoked, the water clears the palate giving the fowl taste no where to hide. This little act starts to register with the unconscious mind where it begins to make the association that smoking isn't pleasant (I know you know it, but knowing it is different from feeling it. When you feel it you can't hide from it).

2. It heightens the awareness of your habit giving you something else to do before you smoke delaying the gratification and making you more aware of your habit which will enable you to refrain from that fag.

Its only a simple tip but if you are struggling and want to quit, this might just help.

Try it and see - you have nothing to lose

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